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Revolver is a top-down horror/survival-horror game about escaping a facility gone mad. Explore levels, collect items, run away in fear, augment yourself, help a mysterious man, alter your DNA & try not to die painfully!

Currently deep in development I'm uploading now because feedback would be incredibly beneficial at this point. Please download, give Revolver a try and tell me what you think!

It's cancelled. It's literally the first game I ever made and it's left here as a marker to compare to what I've made since. Nonetheless, you might find some element inspiring or enjoyable. -Beau

Things of Note:

-There are sound effects but no music

-Story elements are not in this version


Collect a number of floppy disks (shown in bottom left of the HUD)

Go to the emergency computer terminal (only one per level, and make sure you walk into the keyboard part of it!)

Get out the area via an escape ladder

Pick a trait (each grant a different useful bonus)

Rinse and Repeat!


W - Move Towards Mouse

S - Move Away From Mouse

A,D - Strafe

E - Interact

F - Place Flare

Space - Reload Bullet

LMB (Left Click) - Fire (If gun is cocked)

RMB (Right Click) - Cock Revolver

ESC - Pause

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
GenreShooter, Survival
TagsDark, Horror, revolver, tense, Zombies

Install instructions

Just run the .exe file!


Revolver Update V 2 MB
Revolver Update V.exe 2 MB


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Nice stuff, fun to play! I liked the trait idea.