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Those cheeky sous chefs are at it again. Always thinking that they know best. Well they don't. Always recommending stupid ingredients, they should just do their own job and stop pestering you while you cook. You've got critics in tonight too, so don't muck it up!


Cooks will periodically offer ingredients for your lovely broth. Each ingredient has qualities like: sweet, spice, salt, sour & savoury, that it will add (or take) from the dish. If you don't want the ingredient added though, you can slap 'em upside the head with your spatula by clicking the left mouse button. Your goal is to get a balance of each flavour. Aim to get as many flavour bars as possible within the golden markers & keep them there, to score. Bonuses for getting them right in the middle!


Pepper (The red thing): ++Spice, +Sweet

Onion (The stripy brown): +Spice, +Savoury

Chocolate (Mmmm, chocolate): ++Sweet, -Savoury

Chicken (Drumstick yeah): ++Savoury, +Salt

Fish (Good source of omega 3!): ++Salt, +Savoury

Potato (The thing that looks like sick, drawing pixel potatoes is hard yo): -EVERYTHING BUT SAVOURY

Lime (It looks green and limey): ++Sour, -Savoury

These have other minor +'s & -'s too but I'll leave to ya'll to figure out!


This is a game made for #LDJAM 40: The more you have the worse it is. This game is based around the saying: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

The font used is pixellari by Zacchary Dempsey-Plante and can be found here.


Too Many Cooks!_WIN.zip 14 MB
Too Many Cooks!_MacOS.zip 17 MB
Too Many Cooks!_LINUX.zip 12 MB
SourceCode+.zip 10 MB


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Made a quick update to the above text to add basic ingredient info.